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RYT-200 Teacher Trainings:


"The safe space created by Scott enabled me to open up to a full mind, body and spirit journey....I learned how to love myself."

--Richard Thorne (retired CEO)

    Summer 2022 YTT

"I learned proper form, entering and exiting postures, breathing techniques, vocal toning, professional language when teaching....I appreciated the experience (practice) teaching in front of a group and the honest feedback afterwards. I felt loved and nurtured through such an intense experience."

--Jazmine Dean (professional surfer)

   Summer 2022 YTT

"Scott is so knowledgeable and loving. He's got all the makings of a master teacher."

--Hanna Nemecek (business owner)

   Summer 2022 YTT








"I liked the small family atmosphere; we were in person and able to learn from one another on a deeper level."

--Tanielle Brew (physician)

   Summer 2022 YTT

"We enjoyed the connections with the group, the sharing circles and Yoga NIdra!  We leaned how to guide the postures and be a teacher!"

--Jennifer and Nora Burkhart (mother and daughter)

   Summer 2022 YTT

I appreciated learning about the integration of the mind, body and soul--the spiritual communion of yoga. This training has given more direction to my life."

---Charles M.

    Summer 2021 YTT

"I appreciated the community of love, the instructional detail, and the gentleness. I learned freedom, self love and love of all creation."

---Xavier G.

    Summer 2021 YTT

"I learned so many modifications and variations for each posture. The facilitation of the practice teach sessions is highly well done, giving me much food for thought."

---Lauren R.

    Summer 2021 YTT

"There are no words profound enough to express the love, safety, encouragement and wisdom to truly transform. I have already recommended this YTT and will continue to do so."

---Michelle B.

     Winter 2020 YTT

"We appreciated our instructors' care about us as students and humans. We always felt safe and understood. The best part for me is the gift of learning how to breathe.  Forever thankful....We now can teach our world the gift of Ohana. Yoga is family. We are all in this together. I love that!"

---Shawna (mom) and Wynter (12 yr. old son) L.

     Winter 2021 YTT

"This training has helped me to grow so much as a person. It has absolutely changed my life and how I will go forward. Scott and Karuna have become such blessings in my life. They care so much about their students. I came to learn yoga, but I got so much more.

---Libby K.

     Summer 2020 YTT

"The list of my appreciations is endless! My experience with this training was priceless! Scott and Karuna are amazingly gifted and taught me so much in just a short five weeks. I am eternally grateful. I will take this experience with me throughout the rest of my life as I continue to learn and grow. The sincere support, love and compassion was very heartfelt and greatly appreciated." 

---Donna D.

    Winter 2020 YTT

"Scott and Karuna gave clear and concise information and instruction in the most compassionate and loving way. They honored our opinions and allowed us to express ourselves. In addition to deepening my yoga practice, I gained a valuable insight into my spirituality."

---Tanya G.

     Summer 2020 YTT

"This was a profound healing and learning experience. The discussions opened the door to deeper levels of trust within the group. Scott's level of intellect and knowledge truly made this a unique once in a lifetime YTT experience. Karuna's communication and her presence made the training complete and whole. Overall everything felt fluid, adaptable, carefully planned out and fun!"

---Tori G.

     Winter 2020 YTT

"I appreciated the dedication and caring. I learned there was far more to yoga than postures. Through Scott and Karuna's guidance I have grown as a teacher." 

---Paula S.

    Winter 2020 YTT

 RYT-300 Advanced Yoga Workshops:









"I loved the peace that both instructors exuded. Just complete love and acceptance. This was by far the best experience in all the trainings I have taken. I feel incredibly blessed.

---Trish D. (yoga teacher)

     October 2020 Contemplative Yoga Training

"The training was so well organized, thorough and interesting. I appreciated the instructors and the amount of usable information. Great way to expand your consciousness! I thought it was perfect. Our needs were considered and met."

---Nancy C. (yoga teacher & physical therapist assistant)

    June 2020 Chakra Yoga Training

"Anytime I am in the presence of like minded individuals, I feel my heart expand and my mind always grows in some way....I have learned how to surrender and accept, to slow down and listen to my body."

---Elizabeth K. (yoga teacher & mermaid)

     October 2020 Contemplative Yoga Training

"I feel as though I gained family members and so much permission to be myself."  

---Ambrosia Y. (yoga teacher)

    March 2021 Chakra Yoga Training











"I absolutely loved everything about this workshop: Scott, Karuna, the other participants, the program, the experience....It definitely has changed my life."

---Toni M. (yoga teacher)

    March 2021 Chakra Yoga Training

"This workshop has enabled me to go deeper into my practice without fear of injury. The use of vibrational sound was so powerful and healing."

---Connie G. (retired school teacher)

     November 2020 Yin Yoga Training

"Loved the philosophy and the qigong, the location, the people in the workshop. It was a great experience!"

---Karen B. (adm. assistant)

    November, 2020 Yin Yoga Training






"I appreciate the great knowledge of the teachers. I have gained a deeper appreciation for the human body and how its marvelous make-up and processes affect yoga and life."

---Pamela F. (musician and yoga teacher)

     May, 2021 Yoga Anatomy Training

"I loved everything. The energy was spectacular! It is so nice to feel free and accepted in trainings with no pressure and the allowance just to be. Loved the tai chi experience....I finally am gaining a voice that I didn't fell I have ever had. It is freeing."

---Trish D. (yoga teacher)

     December 2020, Yin Teacher Training


"Loved the instructors' knowledge, energy, and the care that went into the workshop."

---Toni M. (yoga teacher)

     October 2020 Contemplative Yoga Training

"I gained a deeper understanding of yoga and myself. Sacred morning sadhanas were so profound. Theory sessions were so helpful for understanding. Wonderful integration."

---Libby K. (yoga teacher and mom)

     December 2020 Yin Yoga Training

"Very well organized and presented. Great structure. Mutual openness and respect from teachers and participants."

---Judy B. (counselor, yoga teacher & therapist)

     October 2020 Contemplative Yoga Training








"I appreciated the depth of experience and knowledge brought to the training by these instructors. Great experience!"

---June S. (yoga teacher & fitness instructor)

    June 2020 Chakra Yoga Training

"The philosophy and openness was very powerful. Definitely made me think about things in a different light. Contemplation is awesome!

---Katie G. (physician)

     October 2020 Contemplative Yoga Training

"Contemplation is an art that deserves cultivating, and this weekend has helped me deepen this practice."

---Mariana A. (accountant)

    October 2020 Contemplative Yoga Training

"Scott and Karuna guided us with such knowledge and compassion that I trusted slowing down and contemplating."

---Tanya G. (physician)

     October 2020 Contemplative Yoga Training

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