"There are no words profound enough to express the love, safety, encouragement and wisdom to truly transform. I have already recommended this YTT and will continue to do so."

---Michelle B.

     Winter 2020 YTT

"The list of my appreciations is endless! My experience with this training was priceless! Scott and Karuna are amazingly gifted and taught me so much in just a short five weeks. I am eternally grateful. I will take this experience with me throughout the rest of my life as I continue to learn and grow. The sincere support, love and compassion was very heartfelt and greatly appreciated." 

---Donna D.

    Winter 2020 YTT

"This was a profound healing and learning experience. The discussions opened the door to deeper levels of trust within the group. Scott's level of intellect and knowledge truly made this a unique once in a lifetime YTT experience. Karuna's communication and her presence made the training complete and whole. Overall everything felt fluid, adaptable, carefully planned out and fun!"

---Tori G.

     Winter 2020 YTT

"I appreciated the dedication and caring. I learned there was far more to yoga than postures. Through Scott and Karuna's guidance I have grown as a teacher." 

---Paula S.

    Winter 2020 YTT

"The training was so well organized, thorough and interesting. I appreciated the instructors and the amount of usable information. Great way to expand your consciousness! I thought it was perfect as it was. Our needs were considered and met."

---Nancy C.

    June 2020 Chakra Yoga Training

"I appreciated the depth of experience and knowledge brought to the training by these instructors. Great experience!"

---June S.

    June 2020 Chakra Yoga Training

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