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Life is learning and learning is living. When we stop actively engaging in lifelong learning, our vital energy becomes stagnant and it begins to affect our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as our ability to relate in healthy ways to others. Schools, for example, can be compared to living organisms that function best when all of the individual "cells"--students, faculty, staff, parents, and administrators--are nurtured, growing and thriving, when all are interrelated as students and teachers to each other. Otherwise, the social body becomes dysfunctional (or diseased) and the school no longer a true learning (and healing) community.  We offer our customized educational consultations to individuals and groups in a variety of settings:


One-on-one in person or skype sessions designed to help individuals identify and transform beliefs that limit their potential for growth, love and peace of mind.  We offer a safe, non-judgemental space for individuals to re-connect to what is true in themselves and return to an inner state of balance and wholeness.  These sessions can be adapted to the needs of adolescents, couples, and families.  


Designed for individuals, couples and groups, our integrative retreats combine nature immersions with massage, yoga, healthy food, and lifelong learning skills in order to rest, relax, and recharge in a fun and transformative way. Ask also about our ayurvedic B&B packages for individuals and couples. 


Designed for students, teachers, parents and administrators--both separately and together--we offer consulting for the whole school to enhance communication, community, and wellness. The aim is to develop compassionate schools where the co-creative process of teaching and learning becomes authentic, meaningful and joyous.


We come to your home, business, event or organization to share information, dialogue, and answer questions about the 5 Elements of healthy living. Includes scientific information concerning health and wellness as well as experiential learning opportunities, including BEMER sessions, yoga and t'ai chi demonstrations, breathing and relaxation exercises, diet and nutrition, etc. 


Designed for teachers, educators, therapists, bodyworkers, health care professionals, and others, we offer customized trainings on topics such as communication, Attitudinal Healing, experiential learning, holistic health and wellness, etc.  On site workshops specifically for inservice teachers include teamwork and community building, effective communication, teaching and learning styles, compassionate discipline, active learning techniques, emotional intelligence, yoga in schools, qualitative evaluations, etc.


Designed specifically for adolescents to help facilitate their transition into adulthood. We use nature, dialogue, and creative activities like drum circles, art making and movement to empower teens to make choices and accept responsibility for themselves. Lifelong learning skills include conflict resolution techniques, listening and empathy, goal setting, time management, and healthy forms of self expression. 


Educational Wellness Presentations--Free for hosting an event

One on One Coaching--$100 for ninety minutes

Professional Workshops with Scott and Karuna--$200 an hour

Holistic Retreats--prices vary


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