The BEMER is an acronym for Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulator. It is a patented medical device used in over 4000 hospitals, clinics and universities. Designed to promote the body's natural self regulatory mechanisms, it functions to bring more oxygen to--and remove more wastes from--the body's 80-100 trillion cells. By facilitating the body's production of ATP, used by the cells for energy, the BEMER can be likened to a form of Western acupuncture: promoting the circulation of ch'i or prana.

BEMER therapy is fast becoming one of the most important biotechnology tools of the 21st century. First manufactured in 1998 and developed during research at the Institute for Microcirculation in Berlin, it is a class II medical device in Europe that recently has been introduced to the U.S. and is registered with the FDA. In a number of clinically controlled double-blind scientific experiments it has been proven to enhance oxygen supply, immune functioning, and metabolic processes also improving cardiac function, physical performance and mental acuity (see for some of these studies).

The BEMER uses a pulsed electromagnetic frequency as the carrier for its unique multidimensional, biorhythmically defined signal proven to enhance blood flow. Anything that can do that will have a positive effect on the entire organism, especially since impaired circulation characterizes so many health conditions. The BEMER operates at completely safe, extremely low frequencies and has no negative side effects.


The BEMER also is used in sports medicine and has been shown to improve athletic performance and recovery time. It is endorsed by a number of professional athletes and Olympians. Moreover, NASA has signed an agreement with BEMER to develop uses in space. It is used by many chiropractors, naturopaths, and acupuncturists in their practice; and it is used with pets and animals too!  There are over one million users in over forty countries. 


We give free educational presentations on the science and technology of the BEMER, including sample sessions. We also offer BEMER therapy sessions (with or without massage and bodywork) and discounted packages. We are independent BEMER distributors.  For those who are interested, please contact us for a free initial session.


$30 one session

              $200 for a package of 10

              $350 for a package of 20


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BEMER is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any specific disease.

If you are under regular medical supervision, please consult your physician.

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